IT Staffing

Over the years, we have built our arm with in-depth functional and industry expertise in providing highly skilled best fit IT resources. Our end-to-end associations on large engagements over the years empowers us to address a wide spectrum of technical needs by offering innovative solutions to business challenges.

We have domain experts to support individual clients and to assist them in narrowing down to best fit individuals who have the right mix of knowledge. We are the pioneers in connecting people by bringing in the best minds for complex business problems for delivering simple yet smart business solutions.

We Specialize in Critical Resource Staffing for any business transformations. In this fast-paced era, we take zero to no time to assess our client's needs. We prepare & plan based on our synergy with clients, anticipating the demand forecast, for timely resource availability.

iTrending has extraordinary Staffing talent who passionately goes above and beyond to find talented individuals who can be the bridge between the client and their needs.


IT Consulting

  • Listen – for Deep Understanding: We listen to our clients to understand their business perspective, goals and challenges.
  • Prepare – for Delivery: Based on our understanding, we engage our domain SMEs to plan and strategize effective yet efficient solutions.
  • Sustain – Through Process: A well-knit sustainable team integrating key business components for a seamless business transition.

We advise industry leaders in making strategic decisions that are well thought and bond to succeed. We have experts working across domains, technologies to bring in tremendous knowledge and expertise onboard. We assist in planning, setting roadmaps, and strategizing the transformational journey by addressing business needs with IT. We enable our Clients and Partners to see the bigger picture and stay ahead of our peers. We support in Making a deep impact on core business parameters.

As Consulting Partner's, we associate with clients to identify key business issues to be addressed and focused. We listen and assess the environment around business-focused areas. We firm-up on realistic strategies in collaboration with the client's realistic outcomes. As always, we foresee the hidden risks and prepare with appropriate mitigation plans to deflect potential impacts. We work closely with our clients to turn issues into new opportunities.

Technical Services Offered


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a comprehensive content management solution for building customer footprints on the Web. Helps in creating Compelling websites that gives a rich experience to end users. It also provides ease and Convenient content creation tools, highly personalized digital....read more


DevOps CD/CI Web Development

DevOps enables organizations to transform onto smarter work environment frameworks. Creating an environment of agility, with quick turn arounds to the tasks in-hand. Adoption to DevOps enables a culture of responsive and innovation. DevOps is a journey of a....read more



Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) is a powerful set of tools which helps to provide effective solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining requirements. BI solutions enables data to be used effectively in making informed decisions. BI tool assists in gaining insight into raw data and to understand.....read more



PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-utilized open source general-purpose scripting language, which is especially designed for web development and can easily be embedded into HTML. PHP is a server scripting language, which is considered to be a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages......read more


Application Development

Application development is the process of creating a program or a set of programs to perform various tasks that a business requires. Apart from performing business tasks, data loads, generating reports to adding business efficiencies, applications help businesses automate processes and increases productivity.......read more


Analysis and Design

The Analysis phase leads to identification of new requirements for an application or system. This phase helps in identifying key issues, new enhancements or break-fixes that business may want to implement. Business requirements are captured in the BRD (Business requirements document) which captures.......read more


System Administration

System administration is the management of infrastructures which includes hardware and software applications. The administrative tasks that are performed by a system administrator are monitoring system health, system resources allocation.....read more


Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Process includes identifying bugs, evaluating code, and monitoring potential risks and quality of the products. Assuring that business is provided with superior quality deliverables and products. The QA process consists of a structured review of business......read more


HealthCare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare has become one of world’s largest sectors in terms of revenue, innovation and employment. Healthcare comprises of facilities, medical centers, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism, insurances and medical equipment’s to......read more


Financial & Managerial Accounting

Financial accounting is a specialized branch of accounting to keep track of company’s financial transactions. It is the process of preparing financial statements/ reports that companies’ use to show their financial performances and positions.....read more


Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution sectors are globally making IT as part of their core business. IT has taken traditional manufacturing to the next level of precision, delivery and production of quality products. IT is not only saving time and cost, but has immensely......read more


Media and Entertainment

TTraditionally, Media and Entertainment industry consists of movie, print, radio, and media to name a few. With shifting consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, and multiple-play offerings has revolutionized the media industry. And the rise of digitalization in entertainment.......read more